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Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire Corps - Intelligent Cell Renewal, Body

This ultimate anti-ageing cream restores a youthful appearance to the skin, whilst forming and leaving the skin silk-soft. 150ml.


Guinot Douche Crème Hydrazone - Moisturising Shower Cream

This moisturising shower cream gently cleanses the body whilst the Argan Oil gently nourishes the skin. 200ml.


Guinot Eau-Neuve Energic - Energising Scented Body Water

Containing Ginseng Extract, rich in essential amino acides and vitamins, regenerates the skin, reavling a youthful appreance. 100ml.


Guinot Gel Douche Minceur - Slimming Shower Gel

This caffeine-based shower gel slims, detoxifies and cleanses the skin. 200ml.


Guinot Gel Jambes Légères - Soothing Gel for Legs

This cooling gel decongests and relaxes tired legs and feet by instantly cooling and refreshing the area, leaving the body feeling revitalised. 150ml.


Guinot Gommage Facile - Bath and Shower Exfoliating Gel

Exfoliates and cleanses the skin whilst leaving it silk-soft and revitalised. 200ml.